Acetylene Lamp

Acetylene Lamp


Acetylene Lamp is widely known for the running-gag candle that appears in the dent in the back of his head. This came about from the image of one of Tezuka’s childhood friends who has similarities that the character shares. Acetylene Lamp is one of Tezuka’s more used villains. He generally plays more important roles such as Inspector Tomobiki, a role in Black Jack and the widely best role, Acetylene Lampe from Adolf and Drake Lamp from the 2003 Astro Boy. He also shares lesser important roles such as the conductor of the Marine Express in Undersea Super Train Marine Express.

In his earlier years, Lamp generally was pointed out by his long face and large round eyes, he was later fitted with thick round glasses, adding to his now signature appearance. Though considered a villain, Lamp has played nearly every kind of role, from minor assistant to big time propaganda activist.



First Appearance:1948 – Jungle Kingdom


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