Rin Hoshizora

Rin Hoshizora

Rin appears to be a tomboy due to playing sports and not wearing a skirt when she was a child. She mostly teases Koizumi Hanayo and appears to be with her most of the time. Her personality is similar to Kousaka Honoka’s because they’re both determined and hard-working. She usually ends her sentences with nyan~! (Meow). In addition, she sometimes acts like a cat and does the signature curved mouth look. Despite acting like a cat, Rin is, ironically, allergic to cats. Hanayo and Rin once found a stray cat but could not adopt it due to Rin’s allergies.

Rin is great at sports, and is skilled in hurdling, football, and basketball. She enjoys dance very much and is the current practice leader of μ’s. Her special skill is her sharp nose, which is almost on par with a dog’s.



Birthday:November 1
Blood type:A
Height:155 cm
Favorite food:ramen
Least favorite food:fish
Source:Love Live! School Idol Project Wikia, edited


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