Yui loves to play her guitar. She is a member of Iwasawa and Hisako’s band. She is full of life and life of the band itself. She wants to become a pro-musician.

After Iwasawa’s disappearance in episode 3, Yui convinces Yuri and the other characters of letting her become the leader of Iwasawa’s band. She then takes over guitar and vocals for the band.

Yui was the main focus in Episode 10. Otonashi had decided for her to disappear first in his and Angel’s secret plan to help everyone move on by fulfilling any regret they had in life by giving them a chance to experience a normal youth.

In order to find more about Yui, Otonashi needed some time alone with her. It is revealed that when she was little, she was hit in the back by a car and had been paralyzed from the neck down since.

When asked what else she wanted to do when she couldn’t move her body, she had wanted to perform a German Suplex, pass 5 people and score a goal in soccer, and hit a home run in baseball. Eventually, she’s able to succeed in her first two goals with Otonashi’s help, but after 3 days of attempting to hit a home run, Yui gladly gives up since she is satisfied that she was able to move and do activities every day.

When asked again if all the things she wanted to do when she couldn’t move her body came true, she said she had wanted to get married since it was a woman’s ultimate happiness. Sadly saying that no one wanted to marry her since she couldn’t do anything with her paralyzed body, Hinata suddenly shows up and tells her that he would marry her, regardless of her handicap. Happily knowing this, Yui accepts her fate and disappears.

  • In the special opening credits focusing on Yui (and which doubles as Yui’s audition performance), she is seen to play a Gibson SG.
  • It seems that she doesn’t know Naoi as what she stated on Episode 08.
  • The song played during the scene where Hinata helped Yui to fulfill her last achievement (get married) was “My most precious treasure”.



Height:163 cm
Weight:48 kg


Kanade Tachibana
Yuri Nakamura
Yuzuru Otonashi
Hideki Hinata
Masami Iwasawa