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My first memory of League is of me playing Ashe in a Twisted Treeline game. I was flamed for buying a Dorans Shield as my starting item. Soon I purchased Pantheon because I liked the cape. I then watched a Mobafire guide on Cho’Gath and was confused by the term “carry”. I thought it meant helping your team in a way so they can deal as much damage as possible. Pantheon was the first champion I “mained” in Summoner’s Rift. I also played a lot of Rammus in Twisted Treeline games. Soon I picked up Kog’Maw and enjoyed the hybrid builds that were still around at that time. At around the same time I started playing with real life friends. For some reason I played a lot of jungle in our premade games. I picked up champions like Shyvana and Sejuani. My go to champion at that time was Jarvan. At some point I started playing Elise (after failing to understand the champion half a year earlier). This was pretty much the height of League of Legends. The most enjoyable time of all. When items like Spirit of the Ancient Golem were around. I spammed a lot of Elise and was really good at the champ. At some point they did a jungle rework and removed those items. At the same time the 1v1 gamemode was available and I played about 3 games of Fiora until I decided that this would be my new main. After about 200 games she got reworked. After avoiding the game for almost 2 years I started playing Riven. After another 2 or so years they removed my CDR runes and buffed tanks like Ornn at the same time. Until that point I did not know that this kind of imbalance was even possible in a game. Later the Conqueror rune was added which was kind of a poor replacement for previous masteries that Riven used. I pretty much stopped playing at this point. 1.5 years later I started playing again but Shoujin and Conqueror kind of ruined top lane for me. I now main Annie and spend my time on Summoner’s Rift by oneshotting unsuspecting ADCs on their way to farm botlane. It is a lot of fun.

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Jan 2020