Shirayuki is a bright and resourceful girl, determined, able to speak her mind, and knowledgeable in both botany and medicine. Whenever there is a problem or conflict, she often takes matters into her own hands. She later learns to rely on others, especially Zen.

Due to her rare hair color, Shirayuki gets a proposal to be a concubine of the foolish but famous prince Raji. As she cannot decline it, she escapes to the neighboring country. While traveling, she meets a boy named Zen, who accidentally gets injured, and she boldly cures his wounds. They become friends, and she finds out than Zen is actually a prince of that country, and he saves her from being taken by Raji. They later go to his palace, where she applies for the job of “Palace Pharmacist,” to be able to go freely to the castle where Zen is.

Although she is put off initially by Zen’s arrogance she comes to realize that, that isn’t his true character. The more time she spends with Zen, the more she wants to be by his side even though she knows someone of her social status is not fit to be with royalty. After helping Kiharu, Zen goes to Shirayuki and thanks her by initiating a kiss. This causes confusion and conflict within her which causes her to avoid eye contact with Zen. Unable to handle her present feelings for Zen, she panics and runs into the forest to which Zen gives chase. After calming down Shirayuki realizes how much she loves Zen as well as why she loves him. She confesses asking if it is alright to keep feeling that way. Zen responds that he wants to be with her with a mutual promise to be together.



Hair:Cardinal Red
Eyes:Heroes' Green


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