Seiji Amasawa

Seiji Amasawa

Seiji later gets the chance to go to Italy and study the art of violin crafting. He first tells Shizuku, and thus her realizing that they’re going to be apart for two months. Shizuku envies him for being able to plan out his future and his dream. So she decides to find out her own dreams. She decides to become an author after hearing Seiji’s real opinion on her song. So writes about the Baron.

After Seiji’s two month trip, he returns and meets Shizuku early in the morning. On his bicycle, he takes her to a special place, a great scenery of the morning sun rise. Seiji explains that he’ll be finishing his Junior High days of school, and then will be returning to Italy. But he promises Shizuku that he would return. And he asks her, during the morning sunrise, to marry him when they get older. Shizuku doens’t hesitate to say yes, which overjoys Seiji.





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