Arata Wataya

Arata Wataya

Arata Wataya was a transfer student from Fukui that went to Chihaya’s elementary school. The grandchild of a master karuta player, Arata inspires Chihaya to take up karuta by telling her that he thinks she has a talent for it. He had difficulty fitting in at Chihaya’s elementary school because of his Fukui dialect and his family’s poverty. His passion for karuta is inspired by his grandfather, a Meijin (master). After their first game at Arata’s house, Chihaya befriends him. His dream is to become a karuta Meijin.

After graduating elementary school, he returned to Fukui to care for his sick grandfather. He stops playing karuta because his grandfather died while Arata was competing in a karuta tournament to rise to A-rank. However, after Chihaya and Taichi visit him in Fukui, he regains his resolve to play competitive karuta again.



Birthday:December 1
Height:173 cm, 177cm
Blood type:O
Weight:65 kg
School:Fukui Prefecture East Hitsufujioka High School
Karuta Society:Fukui Nagumo Society - A Class
Favourite food:Habutai mochi, Katsu don with sauce
Hobby:Karuta, Reading
Favourite Song:Poem #76, Over the wide sea, As I sail and look around,, It appears to me, That the white waves, far away,, Are the ever shining sky.


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