Tomoe is a familiar to the last land god, Mikage. Currently he is the familiar of Nanami and sealed their contract with a kiss. He shows a wonderful talent for cooking and is shown to be highly dedicated to the shrine. Tomoe worries a great deal about Nanami and is very aware of how delicate she is as a human, threatening anyone who harms her or speaks ill of her. It is often implied that he loves Nanami, such as doing random acts of kindness for her and refusing to kill in front of her. Plus, it is also indicated that he sometimes gets very jealous of other guys who hang around her. He is also very loyal to Nanami, as shown by him kissing her to seal their contract again after it had been broken.

In the most recent chapters it’s revealed that he is in fact in love with Nanami, but Nanami is unaware of this. However, this triggered a “switch” that causes Tomoe to return to his dying curse and remember his love for Yukiji, the girl he previously loved. It is shown that when she died, Tomoe, cursed and alone, lost his will to live and searched for a place to die until Mikage found him and sealed his memories. By doing that, the curse fell asleep and Tomoe was able to live a new life.

After Tomoe’s dying curse returned, Nanami embarked on a journey to save him and nullify his dying curse. She time-travelled back to the past, and it is revealed that she was the one Tomoe originally fell in love with in the past, not Yukiji. She was the one inside Yukiji’s body when Tomoe first met Yukiji in an abandoned house 500 years ago. Nanami was also the one who cared for Tomoe when he was almost killed by the villagers and turned into a child, and Nanami was also the Yukiji who promised Tomoe that she’ll marry him one day and gave her hairpin to him as a proof of her promise.





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