Yajirou Shimogamo

Yajirou Shimogamo

The second Shimogamo son. He is stuck transformed as a frog, after forgetting how to transform back into a tanuki. He lives in a well and hears out the problems and wishes of people who come by (not that he can do anything about it). He is known to be the least motivated tanuki in everything except drinking.

The night before Souichirou’s death they had a father-son meeting concerning Yajirou’s love for Kaisei. Since Kaisei was already engaged with Yasaburou it pained Yajirou to the point that he wanted to leave the town, but his father protested against, that fearing that his sons might drift apart like what happened with his own brother. Yajirou started his secluded life after Souichirou’s death, blaming himself for leaving his drunk father after their meeting.





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