Shinichirou Tokizane

Shinichirou Tokizane

Tokizane eventually discovers Saya’s secret and confesses his feelings to her, but apparently dies after being killed by a Furukimono. In actuality, he did not die and is one of the “main cast” in the experiment centered around Saya. Tokizane apparently joined the experiment for money and defects to Tsutsutori when she promises a larger sum. In order to force Saya into recovering her memories sooner, he obtains a vial of Furukimono blood that Tsutsutori had Saya drink. Unlike his false persona, he is obnoxious, impatient, cold, and deeply disgusted with Saya’s true nature.

Tokizane, like the other defectors, are caught by Fumito, Yuka, and Itsuki shortly after they attempt to escape with Saya. Like all cast members, it is implied that he is using a pseudonym. He is the first to be killed by the furukimono Cerberus in the series’ conclusion.





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