Amane Suou

Amane Suou

A third-year at Mihama Academy, the oneesan type who always takes care of others. Because of some circumstances, she skipped one school year at her previous school, so she is actually two years older than Yuuji. She is tall and has a good-looking body. Her family manages a long-established restaurant in Ginza, so she is good at cooking. Because her mother comes from Kyoto, when getting excited or panic, she sometimes talks in the Kansai dialect.

She has a deep interest in cars and has acquired automatic two-wheeled vehicle license. She has a dirt bike which was remodeled to a cruiser called “Boba Tarou” and is put in the garage of the academy.

Her representative fruit is the cherry.

Amane is the sole survivor of Angelic Howl, where her old school’s basketball team and Yuuji’s sister, Kazuki, crashed into mountains and had to survive there. The reason why she mostly wants to be Yuuji’s big sis is because she still thinks it’s her fault that Kazuki didn’t survive.

In episode 10, Amane got kissed by Yuuji and asked him again to be her boyfriend. Yuuji accepted her feelings, but couldn’t be her boyfriend even if he accepted her as his girlfriend. Yuuji loves Amane.



Birthdate:March 3
Height:169 cm
Three sizes:B91-W59-H88
Blood type:A


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