Syaoran is strong and kind character, mostly referred to as “boy”. Syaoran, although cheerful and knightly, is carrying the wounds from his past in his heart. Adopted by archaeologist, Fujitaka, he accidentally came into the country of Clow. Here he met daughter of king, Sakura. Currently he is traveling together with Fai, Kurogane and Sakura, in order to regain Sakura’s lost memories, in form of feathers. But to do so, he had to give up his most precious thing - his relationship with her. Thus, even if she regains all her memories, she won’t remember him.

One of Syaoran’s eyes is blind and seems to be connected to mysterious events surrounding him and his past.

In Horitsuba Gakuen, he is Syaoron’s twin brother who likes Sakura.

It is later revealed he is actually a clone of the original Syaoran. He was created by Fei Wong Reed to collect and scatter Sakura’s feathers. Before being captured by Fei Wong Reed the original Syaoran manages to place some of his “heart” within one of the clone’s eyes. At the end of the manga, Syaoran eventually turns against his creator and aids the original Syaoran in trying to save Sakura; however, Fei Wong kills Syaoran. Syaoran is reborn in another world, along with Clone Sakura, and he becomes his original’s father. He and Sakura raise the original Syaoran until they send him to Clow Country to meet with his destined person, afterwards sealing themselves inside the glass tube. Sakura and Syaoran, after breaking free from the tube, cleanse the feathers, but both ultimately disappear after Kurogane kills Fei Wong, leaving behind only a feather which Syaoran’s original absorbs.

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