Anthony Carter

Anthony Carter


Anthony Lester, real name Anthony Carter, is the ancient Captain of a special force squad, and is now the SPK’s number 2 and its operation leader. In more of handling urgent matters, he always assists Near. He is an extremely honest person who has Near’s complete trust, this one revealing some of his thought and plans to Lester only. Lester also helps Near with actions he is not used to doing, such as booking a flight on a plane..

He is often called “Commander Lester”, and he is unable to match Near’s in intelligence and analytic skill despite being very intelligent. Nevertheless, being trustworthy, athletic, and a quiet person make him very useful to assist Near. How to Read states that he can be seen as Near’s guardian. He’s also the only member of the SPK that Near is sure has never been seen by Kira.

The one shot happening after the main series reveals he continues to work with Near, the new L, and Halle Lidner.



Source:Death Note wiki


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