Aoi Hyoudou

Aoi Hyoudou

Satsuki’s nephew, the son of Satsuki’s older brother, and a junior high school student who enjoys dressing like a girl. Likes “cute things”, and being the center of attention. His androgynous features allow him to pass off as a girl and his female persona is well-known as a cute internet idol. Aoi enjoys toying with the feelings of men, but is eventually exposed as a boy by Misaki. He is generally short-tempered and has little patience. He becomes embarrassed after doing something kind or showing affection for someone; then suddenly becomes angry(he can’t show his true feelings very well). Misaki is under the impression that he hates her; he frequently scolds her for her poor fashion sense and unfeminine strength. Even so, it seems he has some sort of interest in her (not necessarily romantic). He later yells at Misaki for not being more decisive about her relationship with Usui, and for leading Shintani on, even if she was doing it unintentionally. It’s this scolding that eventually pushes her admit to Shintani (and probably for the first time, clearly, to herself) that she does in fact have feelings for Usui.


Kaichou wa Maid-sama!



Date of Birth:July 16th
Age:14 years old
Height:153 cm
Weight:45 kg
Blood type:B
Special Skill:Wearing female clothing


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