Momiji Fujimiya

Momiji Fujimiya

Momiji is the primary protagonist of the series. She is the descendant of the “Kushinada” who actually lives in Izumo where Princess Kushinada lived. An eighth-grade student in middle school, she was unprepared to understand her destiny to battle the Aragami. She becomes a member of the T.A.C. in order to stop the Aragami from destroying humanity and the world. An ironic twist of fate has Momiji carrying a mitama—an Aragami “soul”—embedded in her chest. At awkward times, Momiji is the recipient of panty shots and jokes about the type of panties she wears.

Her relationship with Kusanagi takes a turn for the better during the shielded town incident, where she finally confesses her love for him, and he in turn tells her to wait for him.





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