Liliana Kranjčar

Liliana Kranjčar


A member of “Bronze Black Cross,” a magician organization based in Milan. Known as Erica’s rival, she also holds the rank of Great Knight. Wielding her sword Il Maestro, her swordsmanship is on par with Erica; however, her true strength lies in Witchcraft.

She has fairy-like beauty and a strong sense of duty. She falls for Godou and swears as a knight she will serve him for eternity. She also like to write romance novels in secret (though Erica knows and constantly blackmails her with them).

Liliana was a member of the magical association descended from the Knights Templar called Bronze-Black Cross, and a childhood friend and rival of Erica’s, the pair having met at the age of two, and both of them earning their knighthood at the age of twelve. As part of the tradition, shortly after earning their knighthood, both traveled to gain Magic swords for themselves at the Saint Gilardino Monastery outside of Florence, Italy. There, they first encountered Salvatore Doni, just after he had become a Campione. While traveling with him, they encountered the retired Great Knight Saint Raffaello, the only knight to gain two swords from the Monastery, and one of Doni’s teachers.





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