Ichirou Maebara

Ichirou Maebara

In Tatarigoroshi-hen, it is revealed that Keiichi has never seen his father’s art. However, when he questions one of his father’s business partners about it, he learns that his father is actually quite famous. He’s described as an artist who “doesn’t set a limit of purchase, always replies to fanmail, understands what the public needs, knows that it’s a big no-no to take off socks, glasses and uniforms”, and that whenever he participates in an event, “there’s always a long line” that expands as far as from the door of the convention to the furthest corners and walls.

In the sound novel and manga adaptations of Minagoroshi-hen, he supports Keiichi when his son is facing the village about Satoko’s abuse. Keiichi also confesses to the club that he and his father are very close.

His appearance differs from anime and manga.



Source:Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Wiki


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