Hikari Kimishima

Hikari Kimishima

Hikari Kimishima is the 9th member of AKB0048 to take up the name of Yuuko Ooshima. She is a former member of the 72nd generation of understudies.

The real life Yuuko Ooshima is AKB48’s second most popular member and is an iconic character like Maeda Atsuko. She belongs to the second generation of AKB48 and has a huge role as Team K center. She stood out among the members due to her upbeat and funny personality of making weird faces as well as her notorious “30-year-old man” mindset of wanting to touch the members’ boobs and butts. In 2009, she won the center of AKB48 through popular vote, beating Maeda Atsuko.

Distinguished by her quick and exaggerated dance moves. Open and friendly with anyone. Dynamic in battle, and as agile as a squirrel. When she’s among the other members, she engages in sexual harassment like a perverted old man, but it’s just how she shows her affection.

In episode 8 of AKB0048 Next Stage:

In episode 13 of AKB0048 Next Stage:

While fighting off the DES forces that are attacking Akibastar, Yuuko becomes a Center Nova and disappears just like Acchan.

While the others sing in the ending concert of the season she talks to Acchan the 13th who tells her to go back and sing with the new Acchan the 14th, she then goes back and reappears to sing with them.



Birthday:July 27
Height:155 cm


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