Feiyan Liu

Feiyan Liu

Wèi Ruì-Yīng’s second student. Nicknamed the Death Bird Demon (死鳥鬼, Sǐ Niǎo Guǐ), he befriended Erika and risked his life to protect her. He challenged Charles de Guise to a duel because he thought de Guise cannot bear the responsibility of protecting Erika and ended up killing de Guise. This led to a fight with Kenshiro, and although he was defeated, Erika’s influence on him earned him Kenshiro’s forgiveness. He was mortally wounded at the hands of Yasaka. Fēi-Yàn, knowing that he was certain to die from his injuries and unwilling to add to Erika’s grief (by making her witness his death), asked Kenshiro to send him to sea in a boat. He recalled all the good things Erika did for him before drawing his last breath.





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