Otome Asakura

Otome Asakura

She is the student of Kazemi senior high class 2-3 and the chairman of the student council. She refers to Yoshiyuki as “otouto-kun,” meaning “little brother.” Otome inherited her father’s magical abilities. Otome seems to be one of the two persons, besides Sakura, to have known that Yoshiyuki was created due to the a wish upon the Sakura tree.

It is not clear whether Otome’s feelings for Yoshiyuki are that of a brother or more but in the second season it was hinted that her feelings for him are greater than that of a brother.

In the first season of the anime, Otome is portrayed as a caring elder sister to Yoshiyuki and also a very responsible council member in school, to the extent of falling sick in worries of matters regarding Minatsu.

In the second season of the anime, Otome is shown to be very reserved when she was young only to become more open with the help of Yoshiyuki. They then share a promise to be whole-heartedly together.

Otome is seen to care very much for Yoshiyuki and his daily affairs. This is shown when Yoshiyuki has an upcoming play where he is to play the main character. She forced Yoshiyuki to practice with her every night just to perfect his skills.

Otome describes herself as a “Magician of Justice” and has overwhelming passion to uphold what is right and what is wrong. However, Otome is shown to be very emotional in her part.

This is depicted when she replaces Koko as the female lead in the Puppet show where she cried while acting out her role.


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Birthday:June 17
Blood Type:O
Three Sizes:73/53/82


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