Kazunari Takao

Kazunari Takao

A freshman at Shuutoku High, Takao is much like Kuroko in that he is a passing expert. However, unlike Kuroko, Takao has none of Kuroko’s invisibility. Instead, Takao is an almost perfect match for Kuroko because he has the “Hawk’s Eye,” a mental skill superior even to Seirin’s Izuki’s “Eagle’s Eye.” The main difference between the “Hawk’s Eye” and the “Eagle’s Eye” is scope; the “Hawk’s Eye” has an even wider range of vision, allowing the player to see everything without focusing on anything. Because of this, Takao is not fooled by Kuroko’s misdirection, which utilizes both Kuroko’s naturally invisible nature and techniques to divert the attention of those trying to focus on him in particular. Takao’s “Hawk’s Eye’s” only weakness results from when Kuroko purposely draws attention to himself, which forces Takao to unconsciously focus on him. This allows Kuroko to use misdirection successfully and disappear from Takao’s view.

In his free time, Takao likes to hang out with Midorima, as he is constantly seen driving Midorima around in a trailer for his bicycle. Although they always flip a coin to determine who will drive the other, Midorima wins every time.



School:Shuutoku High
Birthday:21 November
Height:176 cm
Weight:65 kg
Blood Type:O
Position:Point Guard
Talent:Hawk's Eye


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