Mana is a childhood friend of Atem and Mahad and studies magic under Mahad as his apprentice. She is a light-hearted, open, playful and caring girl, who shares a deep bond between her master and Atem.

Mana is a young magician in training at the Dawn of the Duel arc’s beginning who serves the priest Mahad. In the Manga she first appeared before Mahad after hiding in the pots outside of the palace. Mahad sensed her there and told her to come out. After popping out of the pot, she exclaimed how she’d do her training later and Mahad responded by telling her she’d never become a sorcerer that way. After Mahad’s death, she swears to become a great magician and eventually is able to summon her own Ka, the “Dark Magician Girl.”

Later when Yugi’s gang discovers her, Yugi explains about the card game back home commenting on her reference to Dark Magician Girl. Mana later helps them to defeat Zorc. She is one of the only two people in the Millennium world who could see Yugi and his friends.

A single panel in the manga shows that she inherited the Millennium Ring after Zorc was defeated.





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