Kyouka Izumi

Kyouka Izumi

Assassin for the Port Mafia, Kyouka’s personality is similar to that of a doll. She lacks all emotions and is ruthless when she is ordered to perform a duty.

which only follows orders coming from the mobile phone and does not comply with Kyouka’s own wishes.

After being exposed to Atsushi and the real world, Izumi reverts back to a young teenager. She is easily infatuated with the small things and has a need to see everything.

Much like Atsushi, she believed that she was worth very little and that she deserved to die for her crimes. Although unlike Atsushi, once she joins the Armed Detective Company she does not dwell on her mistakes. She is strong-willed and even states that she wants to prove to Akutagawa that she is more than just a killer.

It is mentioned in chapter 18 by Kouyou that before being an orphan, she supposedly lived happily with her parents, But ultimately it was the Demon itself who killed them. Since then Kouyou took her and served under the Mafia as her protegee.

After Joining Armed Detective Company Fukuzawa fixes the problem which enables her to control her ability and use it by herself.



Birthday:November 4
Height:148 cm
Weight:40 kg
Blood type:B
Hair color:Black (indigo in the anime)
Likes:Rabbits, tofu, hydrangea, ghosts
Dislikes:Dogs, thunder, flies
Sources:Easy Going Scans, Bungou Stray Dogs Wikia


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