Makoto Kikuchi

Makoto Kikuchi

Makoto is popularized as the “pretty-boy idol” within 765 Production, and has accumulated more female than male fans because of this. Granted, she was already rather popular among her fellow students at the all-girls school she attends—her current work as an idol not making the situation any easier for her. While not ungrateful of her popularity, underneath her gruff, boyish exterior Makoto is actually an honest, sensitive girl, and wishes to make herself more feminine. Therefore, unbeknownst to her father she decided to become an idol in order to find a way to a new, more feminine presence for herself and to show others that she can have a girly side as well.



Birthday:August 29
Height:159 cm
Weight:44 kg
Blood Type:O
Three sizes:B75-W57-H78
Likes:sports in general, collecting stuffed animals; Wikipedia


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