Karen Jinryou

Karen Jinryou

Having long, beautiful black hair, Kimito states she looks like Yamato Nadeshiko (a term used to describe a traditionally ideal Japanese woman) when he first sees her. She carries a real katana (hung at her waist) and has developed her own sword style which she named after herself. Many of her peers seem to be intimidated by her, describing her as a “scary person.”

When faced with something she likes, she will react by saying things such as “how pointless,” though her true feelings are very obvious.

During her first meeting with Kimito, she attacks him with her sword whilst trying to save face in front of her classmates. After a string of misunderstandings and mishaps caused by her own wild sword attacks, she believes Kimito has defeated her and declares that she will become his student; however, she makes it clear that her actual desire is to surpass and kill him.

She adores Hakua and becomes very depressed when Hakua ignores her in favor of Kimito, leading her to get angry at him as a result.

At one point, she willingly wore pants that reveals her thighs in order to appeal to Kimito’s thigh fetish.





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