Futaba Yoshioka

Futaba Yoshioka

Futaba often shied away from boys, writing them off as crude, rough, and vulgar all except the mild-voiced, small-built, Kou. They shared a brief attraction to each other.

One day, Kou suddenly moved away without any notice leaving behind a stunned Futaba.

Futaba’s life took a drastic turn after Kou’s departure—the other boys started to take notice of Futaba’s flawless face, alienating her from the rest of the girls. They began to hate Futaba and blame her eventually exiling her all together. Now in high school, Futaba is determined to not be too girly in order to avoid a repetition of what happened in her middle school years.

When she confesses to Kou, she is rejected. Touma confesses to her even after knowing that she loves Kou. She starts dating him when he says that he won’t give up and will definitely make her fall in love with him. The reason that she started dating was so that she could forget her feelings for Kou.

Later when Kou realises that he can never love anyone else but Futaba, he goes after her even though he knows that she is dating Touma. She also comes to terms to her real feelings that she loves only Kou. She breaks up with Touma and starts dating Kou.

She tells she wants to see his all types of faces like when crying or smiling or blushing. She even tells that she wants him also to be the same for her.



Birthday:June 19
Zodiac sign:Gemini
Blood type:A
Height:160 cm
Weight:50 kg
Best subject:Science
Worst subject:English
Favorite food:Tarako pasta
Least favorite food:Milk
Favorite musician:Abe Mao
First love:1st year of middle school
Usual snack:Garbo ball
Favorite beverage:Tea
Favorite color:White


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Father Tanaka
Mother Mabuchi