Youto Yokodera

Youto Yokodera

Yokodera Youto is the main protagonist of “Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko”. He is portrayed to secretly be a huge pervert who can’t express his inner self truly because his deeds are always misunderstood. He even claims that he joined the athletics club just so he could see girls in shorts.

When hearing some rumors from a childhood friend, he makes a wish onto the infamous ‘Stony Cat’, of no longer being capable to lie and make excuses in exchange for the belt of a hug pillow he offered. And so, he loses this ‘facade’.

After the removal of his facade, Yokodera is troubled as it makes him be painfully honest to others. Later on, he learns that someone will take the missing trait one owned before wishing onto the mysterious cat-like object. He then starts searching for the lost belt he previously had.

10 years earlier, Yokodera started hanging around Tsukasa (Tsukiko’s and Tsukushi mother) as his parents were always busy with work. While Tsukasa was on her death bed, he made a wish the cat god to transfer his memories with Tsukasa to Tsukiko and Tsukushi as they had wanted to spend and share more memories with their mother. In exchange, he can’t remember any memories from his past (e.g meeting or talking to people).





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