Misaki Yata

Misaki Yata

One of HOMRA’s raid captains who goes around riding a skateboard and acts as the group’s vanguard. He’s impulsive, but he also cares about his comrades very much. Yata is a brash teenager with high self-esteem. He is very brutal, showing no hesitation when bludgeoning his opponents, as well as vulgar and easily irritable, cursing openly towards people when things don’t go as well as he’d planned. Nonetheless, he shows respect towards his fellow Homura members, especially Mikoto; so he gets very shy around girls. He hates being called by his first name. He joined to HOMRA with Saruhiko when they were teenagers.

He’s know as Yatagarasu (八咫烏 Yatagarasu), because he’s like a crow with a great night vision.



Height:167 cm
Blood type:B
Birthday:July 20
Weapon:skateboard, baseball bat, metal rod


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