Takuto Tsunashi

Takuto Tsunashi


The protagonist of the series, Takuto Tsunashi is a 15-year-old boy who left the mainland to go to the Southern Cross Island in pursuit of a “fabulous school life.” With a bright and positive personality, he easily makes friends with all the people in the school. Unbeknownst to all, he is the “Galactic Pretty Boy,” a person that has the ability to control a Cybody directly and unleash its true power. He uses his gift to fight the Glittering Crux Brigade in order to stop their plans to release the Cybodies to the outside world. Takuto has a habit of saying “it’s a pinch!” when he’s in trouble.

In the past, Takuto was raised by his grandfather that was previous Galactic Pretty Boy & trained by him since then. After Natsuo death, he took the former personality of his own, stating that Natsuo is full of “radiance” in his life even his death is imminent. This prompted his grandfather to pass Tau mark to Takuto & live of his own. Takuto main reason to came to the Southern Cross Island is to find his father & lay a good punch on him because he abandoned him for no reason.

In episode 20, it was revealed that his father is Head/Tsunashi Tokio. His mother, Sora, fled the island and left Takuto in the care of Ikurou, Head’s father. Although they never mention their familial connection to each other it is implied that they both know who the other is.





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