Miyuki Shiba

Miyuki Shiba

Shiba Miyuki is a first year student in Course 1 of the First High School. She is the younger sister of Shiba Tatsuya, though many doesn’t realize at first, and born in March. She is a bloom, which is considered the upper class. She is currently the freshmen representative, and is well known throughout the school.

Described as very beautiful and draws attention everywhere she goes. But she is still modest and kind. She has a warm and loving nature, and defends her brother anytime she can.It is heavily hinted that she has romantic feelings toward her brother which she occasionally shows. She feels bad about being the “genius,” while her brother is only a reserve magician as she thinks he is the real genius. Also, their father only cares about Miyuki, and ignores Tatsuya completely. Miyuki is very sad about that to the point where she either cries or gets angry when someone pities or downgrades her brother.

Miyuki uses half of her magic to limit Tatsuya’s magic, as a side effect her magic goes out of control occasionally.Most occasions are those were Tatsuya’s intelligence and genius behavior is not acknowledged, often making Miyuki freeze everything in a short range around her.

When Miyuki removes Tatsuya’s limiter she can perform magic that she usually can’t. One type of magic she can use can freeze peoples time which includes their nerves, muscles and consciousness.Many of said magic are military grade lethal ones.



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