Takao Akizuki

Takao Akizuki

A 15-year-old in his first year of high school. He hopes to become a shoemaker and practices on the side while he works his part-time job. His family circumstances have given him maturity beyond his years. He skips the first period of school on rainy days to think up new shoe designs in the garden.

Due to his meetings with Yukino in the park, he eventually fell in love with with her.

After getting caught in the rain one day, Yukino brings Takao back to her home to dry and iron his clothing. During his time there, he cooked her dinner and eventually confessed his love for her. She initially turned him down due to him being a student to which he dejectedly excused himself from her apartment. After he left, Yukino quickly began to cry and chased after him where she found him still loitering on the stairs outside her apartment. After a short silence, Takao became enraged and started yelling at Yukino, wanting her to say that she hated him and didn’t think that he could become a shoemaker. These accusations caused Yukino to begin crying again, and she soon embraced him claiming that those days that she spent with him had saved her life.

After the credits, a small scene shows Takao setting the completed shoes he made for Yukino on the bench where they spent many rainy days together, claiming that once he reaches his goal, he was going to make his way to her.



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