Augusta Frederica Adel-Adler

Augusta Frederica Adel-Adler


A girl Shin and his team met at Ernst’s residence after being provided shelter by the Federacy. She is assigned as the Mascot to the Spearhead Squadron. She has an intelligence and a manner of speech well beyond her young age of ten.

She is the last empress of the Federal Empire of Giad, having been secretly rescued by Ernst during the coup against the nobility. Her royal bloodline imparts her the gift of seeing the past and present of people she has known.

She was protected by Kiriya Nouzen, a distant relative of Shin from the Nouzen clan and is on the lookout for him after he was assimilated by the Legion as a Black Sheep, having failed to protect his princess. Shin’s personality constantly reminds her of Kiri and she treats him as a surrogate big brother.

She is not afraid to argue her point and occasionally breaks protocol to get her way, such as when she snuck aboard Shinei’s transport during a sortie.



Birthday:Feb 7


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