Tasuku Ryuuenji

Tasuku Ryuuenji

Tasuku Ryuenji is one of the characters featured in the anime adaptation of Future Card Buddyfight. He is a 7th grader at Aibo Academy. He is also a member of the Buddy Police, a crime-fighting group that protects the world from anyone who abuses the otherworldly powers of the monsters with his buddy Jackknife Dragon, he also hands out Core Deck Cases to people who draw Buddy Rares. His and Jackknife Dragon’s buddy skill, Sky Circle, gives him the ability to fly. His core gadget is called “Star Pulser.”

He tracks Gao Mikado and recognizes him as a buddyfighter after drawing a Buddy Rare, Gao later challenges him to a Buddyfight.

Tasuku has been revealed by Commander I to have a tragic past as he was present in an event known as “The Disaster” where he met Jackknife Dragon before the Buddy Police rescued him, he joined the Buddypolice sometime after this. During his time in the mountains after the disaster he feels parents and society in general have sheltered kids like him and therefore he wants to prove he can take care of himself and make his own decisions, however Commander I says he might be trying to grow up too fast.





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