Miyabi Aizawa

Miyabi Aizawa

In the manga, what drives Miyabi to go bad and lead a rebellion against teachers is an incident which occurred when she was in the 7th grade. She had been the favorite student of Mr. Ogi, teacher of Class 2-4 (the name of her class back in junior high). Ogi would praise her for her beauty and intelligence often. Miyabi misinterpreted this as Mr. Ogi having a crush on her. As a result, Miyabi began behaving and dressing in a more mature manner. She started cooking him lunch every day. She also started wearing revealing clothes ( such as miniskirts and tanktops). Instead of setting Miyabi straight, Mr. Ogi went along with it. To some degree, he did like Miyabi. He continued to praise her and accept her subtle advances. One day, Miyabi is invited to Mr. Ogi’s house. She goes, thinking he is going to confess his love for her. As soon as she gets there, Mr. Ogi introduces her to his fiance. Miyabi storms off in tears, feeling hurt and used. As revenge, Miyabi takes illicit photos of herself and goes into class the next morning telling her classmates that Mr. Ogi raped her and then took pictures (knowing that Mr. Ogi’s hobby is photography). Since that day, Miyabi has hated teachers.





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