Satori Tamaba

Satori Tamaba

眼目さっか さとり

One of the Supreme Five Swords at The Private Aichi Symbiosis Academy.

Satori looks like she calculates every move, but there are times when she acts irrationally so it’s hard to comprehend her actions, and the reasoning behind them. As described by Hanasaka, Princess Satori is a strange one and she behaves like a mysterious creature pretending to be a human. Nomura also describes her that she has eyes like a fish.

As seen in episode 9, the Satori we’ve seen isn’t the real Satori. Since her childhood, Satori liked sitting on high places and look down on people. But then her little sister, Misogi, suddenly got up, pushing Satori down from a high place on a kids playground. That was the first time Satori knew what it felt liked when people looked down on her. Since then, Misogi has acted as Satori, taking her position, name and future all to Misogi herself.



Source:Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism Wiki, edited


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