Ryou Kurokiba

Ryou Kurokiba

Ryou Kurokiba is a 92nd Tootsuki Generation Student and Alice Nakiri’s aide.

For the most part, Ryou is normally very slow, lazy, and gloomy. His general demeanor lacks any sort of interest on what is going on around him, but he remains attentive to the needs of Alice. However, Ryou has a much more passionate personality that only emerges once he wears his signature bandana or any sort of tight fitting headgear like a swim cap. This new demeanor is much bolder, wilder, and untamed, akin to a wild beast, fittingly called his “Berserk Mode”, according to Alice. His facial expressions also become much more savage and can instantly intimidate most with a single glance. His speech is also much more aggressive as he has no qualms as to whom he talks to, even having violent outburst in an instant.


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