Hajime Ryujoji

Hajime Ryujoji

Shiro's twin brother, and also the head of the Ryujoji school. Despite this, Hajime is in fact the second child, Hajime knows this and still accepts his role.

At the beginning of the series, he appears as a shadow figure with only his eyes are shown. In addition to achieve his goal, he request his brother to join their ranks, but is refused. He then lures Shiro to duel with Jiyu only to take the Lovely Eyepatch, but since he does not know its secret, he abducts Jiyu as well. This makes Shiro fight him but Jiyu steps in and stops their fight Jiyu transforms into Yagyu Jubei the second and provokes him to fight but in one strike Jubei frees him from the 300-year old grudge. Hajime then is recruited to join the Ruffians.





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