Akane Suzumiya

Akane Suzumiya

Haruka’s younger sister, She initially sees both Takayuki and Mitsuki as older siblings until she finds out they have been seeing each other behind Haruka’s back. While Haruka is in the hospital, she visits every day since there is no one else that can keep her company, even if Haruka is in a coma. This shows just how much she loves her older sister. She, like Mitsuki, is a powerful swimmer in her own right, but feels as if she can never match Mitsuki. Her intense hatred towards Mitsuki after the accident can be attributed to the feeling of personal betrayal by someone she considered an idol for throwing away her (Mitsuki’s) talent and dreams as well as Mitsuki’s betrayal of her sister by her sexual relationship with Takayuki. She learns to move on in life and becomes a top swimmer in Japan.





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