Tatsuya Mizuno

Tatsuya Mizuno

Tatsuya is a second year student and is also the best player at Josui and possibly the best Junior High player in the entire series. Not only is he a talented player, but also an honor student. Tatsuya tutors the novice Shō after being impressed with his determination and hard work. Shigeki calls him Tatsu-bon, which always annoys him. Though many consider him to be a cool-headed person with an indifferent look on his face, Tatsuya actually gets very hot-headed when it comes to things involving his father. He lives with his mom, Mariko Mizuno, who would often be mistaken for his sister due to her young looks, and his aunts, Takako and Yuki, in the Mizuno mansion, as he was under the custody of his mother after his parents were divorced. Tatsuya’s father is the coach of the Musashinomori soccer team. Also, it is later revealed that, during his first year, Tatsuya passed Musashinomori’s qualifying tests to enter into their soccer club, but he rejected the offer due to not wanting to be his father’s puppet. Due to his handsome looks, he has the most fan girls in his school, even gaining the admiration of the opposing schools’ girls, though he does prefer to ignore them. His jersey number is 10.



Nickname:Tatsu-bon (Shige)
Birthday:November 30, 1984
Blood Type:AB
Favorite Food:spaghetti with spicy fish roe, layered cheesecake
Dislikes:natto (a fermented sticky soy bean)
Hobby/Special Skills:Playing with dogs, making people upset
Uniform Number:10
School:Sakura Jyousui, 2nd year


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