Mitsukuni Haninozuka

Mitsukuni Haninozuka

Mitsukuni Haninozuka (a.k.a. Honey-senpai) is a cake-loving, childish senior with an elementary school appearance. He attracts customers with his “shotacon” cuteness—however, he is also extremely talented at fighting. He can send people flying with one kick, and has been told by the Japanese Defense Minister to never show his full power for fear of other countries thinking Japan had a weapon of mass destruction. He learned his skills from his father, the owner of a famous dojo. Because of him, Honey tried to act like a “real man” for some time, but after Tamaki convinced him that liking cute things was not bad, Honey dropped his façade and joined the host club along with Mori, his cousin and the person he is often seen around with. Honey carries a stuffed bunny named “Bun-bun” (in Japanese, it is called “Usa-chan,” an abbreviation of usagi, meaning rabbit) that his beloved grandmother made for him. Like Kyouya, Honey is very ill-tempered when he wakes up, and gets very violent towards those that disturb his sleep.

In the extra page of volume 18 released last April 2011, it is said that Honey-senpai was the first one who got married among the members of the host club.

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Ouran Koukou Host Club


Birthday:February 29
Height:145 cm (4'9")
Blood Type:AB
School:Ouran High School
Grade:Third Year, Class A
Status:Wealthy Lineage
Host type:"Loli Shota"
Favorite Subject:Math
Favorite Foods:Cakes, strawberries, unexpected cravings for spicy foods (dislikes carrots, ironically)
Rose Color:Pink


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