Rename "home" to "Anime List" in Sidebar


This is a trivial UI/UX fix that may or may not bother others, but whenever I try to find my anime list, I glance over to the sidebar, and it takes me a good 5-10 seconds to remember that the list is in the “home” section. Changing it to “anime list” or something else more standard, may help to automate that behaviour and not have to make users think.

Great site btw. Impressed with the ease of use, speed, music, and overall design. I’m already off of MAL and see this as an interesting alternative to AniList moving forward. Have you considered Patreon btw? Probably an easier sell than PayPal, since users are already on that platform + nice for building traction etc.


My only problem with this is that it’s two words and stands out in the sidebar. “Collection” or something like that might work.

The reason it’s called Home is that it’s the frontpage and the frontpage currently shows the anime list when logged in.

You can additionally access your anime list on your profile (click on avatar in sidebar, then on the “N anime” below the intro).

No promises but I’ll check if something can be done about that.

Thank you for the kind words ^^


Just rename it to List then if you want a one-word title.


Yep, I’ll consider this as an alternative.


The patreon page that you suggested is now available.

Feel free to take a look if you’d like to support any of my work.