Some new ideas


First in notifications tab: I would like to be able to mark just some notifications as seen. Not just “all as seen”.

Second: In tab Home I would like to see a message like (“NEW!”) at every ongoing anime I watch which released a new episode I haven’t seen yet.

Third: Registrations without facebook or google just e-mail,nick and password. Some people would surely appreciate it.

Fourth: I would like to see in tab Users something like user count(all users,online,offline etc.)

*P.S. I am sorry I forgot to change it from general to suggestions and clicked create thread cuz I was in tab Suggestions so I thought it would change automaticaly.I can’t change it now … maybe new functions also to add ;)


For the second one, the eye thingy resembles that a new episode was released and you haven’t seen it yet, I believe. The third one is already suggested, but the other ones were good new ideas.


Read it, all of the suggestions make sense.