Notification Question


Reading the FAQ/Guide, it says that you only get notifications for new episodes when released on In my list of currently watching, some shows do not have the red eye and I don’t get a notification for it. Is there a way to fix this or is it up to the site?



I just looked at your currently watching list and you have “Made in Abyss” and “Uchuu Kyoudai” without a red eye.

“Uchuu Kyoudai” doesn’t have a red eye probably because we don’t have it on, it’s a ongoing show and we usually plan ahead what ongoing shows we pick up and stick to a list. We do that because ongoing shows have to be manually uploaded by our team and there’s only so many ongoing shows they can upload at a time (they’re not robots ya know, they have to rest after a while). Since we have a list we rarely add new ongoing shows to the list unless if its still early in the anime season and not many episode had been out, but since right now its pretty late in the season and a few episode have been released its pretty unlikely that we add another ongoing show to the list now but it might still be possible. If we don’t add it now then we add it after its done airing so basically when the anime is done.

Send a email to asking the content managers if they can upload it for you, they’re pretty cool so they might still do it.

For “Made in Abyss” we have all the episodes on Anime Twist. Whenever something breaks on Anime Twist we automatically receive a message from the website that something is going to break before you even know about it, so basically if something would of broken on Anime Twist then we would know about before you would. I still I checked to see if anything is broken that might be causing the red eye not to show and found nothing. Everything is working fine and should show the red eye for it.

Ask Akyoto he might know what’s up with it.


Oh! Btw, I don’t check the forum that much so send me a email at if you wanna talk or wanna ask me something.


It’s a problem on I believe. The eye icon is not displayed correctly.

I’ll look into it.