New, Unlisted Anime?


So I just heard about an anime release from a manga I’ve read before, and I wan’t to add it to my queue, but I can’t find it on the list. What do I do about unlisted anime? The anime I’m looking for, is called “Interspecies Reviewers”, or “Ishuzoku Rebyuāzu”. If someone could tell me if it’s possible to list unlisted anime, or guide me to that specific one’s page, please don’t be shy to help me out.


Hiya! All Editor’s can add missing Anime manually. I’ve gone ahead and added Ishuzoku Reviewers - so you should be able to add it to your list now!

Please feel free to comment on my profile or message me on Discord (Ikat#0001) in the future if there’s any missing content that you would like added to the site (^w^).



Feel free to contact any of the editors, we’re also all in the Discord server, so you can always drop a message there too.