Speed is the key♥


Hello, I am Marek from Czech Republic. As a person who saw around 300 titles I would love to have fast option to add anime in “Completed” category.

For example: There could be a button like “I already saw this” and it would automaticly put anime in animelist as Completed. This button could be next to “+Add to collection” button.

Or more universal option: When you click on “+Add to collection” it will give you an option in what category you want to put the title.

Also for the sake of speed both of these methods could be used at the same time.

BTW. I am new here and I really needed notifying system like this for a long time. It’s possible that feature like this is already here and i just missed it. If it is so then I really apologize. Also English is my secondary language so I apologize for possible errors.


Ok I just seen some older post with the same point so I apologize for missing it. You could use this as a design proposal how it could look like.


This has been planned I believe, and I hope @Akyoto will implement it soon. Just wait!