More streaming sites and data syncing.


So, since both this site and Anime Twist have the same extension (.moe) I confused both and originally posted that suggestion in the Anime Twist Discord. Great.

So… I’ve got two functionality ideas.

First, on the episode detail pages, it feels like there could be more buttons that redirect to more streaming platforms. The blank space and the button format just begs it. That way if an anime isn’t hosted on, it could still be watched somewhere else. You could also decide in settings which of these you’d prefer the little eye icon next to an anime with new episodes to redirect you to. Preferably with the aid of a drag & drop list.

Second idea: sync data, so that when finishing an episode on Anime Twist, it automatically updates your progress on It’s not that much of a big deal but it’ll help make the two sites more like one unified service.

It’s totally understandable if for one reason or another, either or both of these would be possible or worth the effort.

Though, if both ideas get through, then the data syncing could be expanded to the other streaming sites too, so that acts as a hub that syncs data between multiple streaming sites. That way, we could, for example, start watching our shows on one of them and resume them on another.

That site is not only one of the best anime databases ever, but one of the most well designed sites, period. Any new functionality will only make it distance itself even more from it’s competition.

Wish you the best.


Agreeing on all points. Will see what I can do in the future.

Thank you for the kind words!