Spyros in Is this site alive?

First of all, let me make this completely clear that this site is not dead. It is a private effort by one man to do this along with a small army of staff to keep it updated. I dont make comments cause it bores me to write one and most of the time I dont even use the ratings. I think a lot of people do that, but when a great anime shows up, I do rate it and I have even rated characters, which is so NOT me. I even threw in some soundtracks, which even now I amaze myself for doing so.

I recently became an editor, cause I was harrassing them with corrections, which I now do them myself (If I find any, cause my fellow editors are amazing) and even now I harrass akyoto for even more things and ideas (you dont need to deny it), cause I believe in this site. This is also why I am supporting this with anything I can, to keep it alive cause I ABSOLUTELY want it to stay alive, not because I am an editor, but because it is a simple, clean interface and design with easy to use features and I dare anyone else to find a better tracker than this one.

I usually dont ramble like that, I have my moments, like in my profile, a fellow user asked me about recommending anime and well, that was his mistake there…..



Ik the is the best tracker and that’s why I didn’t want it to die.

Good to know it’s not