Despair in Blossom

Do you ever feel angry or irritated and how do you bear it when one of your friend says that anime is just some cartoon which kids watch and tries to disrespect anime without even knowing what it exactly is.


SUPER RELATABLE! Especially with indian friends who have never seen any anime except doraemon. OMG i feel like punching some people who have never tried anime but just keep saying its trash


Most of the times i keep annoying them until they watch anime, then they become addicted.


I can definitely relate when thinking back to school times. In school, I had to listen to this bullshit almost every day. I had a few friends who watched anime as well but those could be counted on the fingers of one hand. But to be honest, although it was annoying, I mostly just laughed inwardly since it was kinda hilarious that they said “anime is for kids” but my most fav anime back then had an age limit as of 16 :’D

Fortunately, everything got better in university. Since I study meteorology, which is part of the faculcy for mathematics and physics, most people are relatively mature there. And of course there are quite some nerds as well :D