EroticFish in Kino

This FEMALE turns me on.

IronMaiden to Alireza

dadash faghat hamin 2 taro mibini ?

Amatrelan in Guin Saga

Really good hidden gem, especially if you like Nobuo Uematsu music. This anime is one of the rare anime where Nobuo produced music.

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UwU nice to meet you.

Spyros in SanyamGarg's comment, but it could change dates

SanyamGarg in Kortect's comment

When is season 2 coming??????

Kortect in SanyamGarg's comment

:O That’s my favorite anime from 2019

SanyamGarg in Yakusoku no Neverland

I just started watching and :O

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hi ^-^

Yuri to OnTake

ㆁωㆁ hi

Akyoto to Kortect

A bit late on my side but thank you for the support!

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Tbh I joined because of Beyond boundaries lol

Amatrelan in Gintama.: Gin no Tamashii-hen 2

Best ending ever.

TomGER in Several random issues I encountered

We’re looking into it:

EroticFish in Reflections of Despair

Oh my fucking god this was good

EroticFish in enjoy the silence

This was so fucking good

EroticFish in King's Raid: Ishi wo Tsugumono-tachi

I’m not even a girl and I’m wet for this.

EroticFish in Yuukoku no Moriarty

The story made for the first ani tuber.

EroticFish in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (2020)

Two words: That’s hot.

EroticFish in 100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru

The name turns me on

Kortect in 2 Missing anime from my list

Maybe I should’ve specified… this was the list after porting from MAL. Also I was dumb and just didn’t read it closely enough. nonetheless the entries do not appear in relation to the anime listing on MAL. Sorry I’m stupid.

Girlpower in Free PRO account for everyone! Merry Christmas!

thank u im new here. and u are very nice

SanyamGarg in SanyamGarg's comment

i read the whole webtoon in like 5 days lol it was so good and now im waiting for the author to resume the series because its in an indefinite hiatus, right after a cliffhanger……….

SanyamGarg in Kami no Tou

I just loved this anime, so much that I went on to read the webtoon, then realized how badly the anime was made and the webtoon is fucking amazing

Spyros in 2 Missing anime from my list

Good morning, the first one is already there and the link is this one:, the second one was created but it is “No Game No Life: Zero - Manner Movie” and the link is this:, not for re:zero.

Kortect in 2 Missing anime from my list

Kengan Ashura, ReZero Manner movie

Kortect in Several random issues I encountered

I experienced some flaws in the website that I thought would be good to share on the forum. The first is that I cannot upload any image type for a group, meaning I also can’t post a group. A minor issue is that if you set your ratings precision count to a decimal, it freaks out and poops out a bunch of code. The last problem, is that posts that were just made seconds ago… appear to have been posted 29 minutes ago.

Kortect in Discord & Gaming

Ok now nobody will ever see my group because I cant upload an image

Kortect in Discord & Gaming

To start, I will post the link to the Anime Soul Discord server

As well as the MyAnimeList Discord server

The MyAnimeList server has a grueling verification process and stuff, however it kind of works as gatekeeping.

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agreed, I think the first couple seasons really lay the groundwork for the character growth, and then the whole show becomes repetitive and average.


What a cool website dude

SanyamGarg in Shokugeki no Souma: Gou no Sara

I just want to rant on how much this series got destroyed in the 5th season.

  1. NO more cooking, NO more foodgasms.
  2. Literal nonsense and boring shit
  3. Conjuring random jutsus, creating fire dragons, falling into the void, fainting, riding on fuckking motorbikes and using pokemon moves while cooking.
  4. Freezing each other???

You know, previous seasons also had a bunch of bullshit, like the dress break ability of nakiri family, or the whole food porn thing, but it was funny, hillarious, small tiny things that make the viewer laugh. The main point was still on cooking

On the other hand, if people start using kage bunshin no jutsu while cooking, its not really a cooking show anymore

Spyros in Akyoto's comment

Thanks for the cheer, appreciate it too. Also thank you for the opportunity to help this amazing site and to help you in your efforts, even though I have said that before.

Akyoto to Spyros

I just wanted to say thank you for all the recent data additions and fixes, appreciate it!

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Oh, nice! Thx for the quick fix ^^

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ohh ok

Attackonfiller in Aikatsu Friends!: Kagayaki no Jewel

The episode count on this is 26 not 24 lol

TomGER in SanyamGarg's comment

There is none. The problem is that MAL would need to write a parser to parse our lists and given that MAL is completely proprietary, we can’t just submit a feature addition to their site to make this experience easier. As long as MAL doesn’t cooperate, exporting to it is impossible, though you could technically still write a save data translator which takes the data and reconverts it into a format that MAL accepts, but that would not only be hacky but also delete major parts of the data given that has a lot of features that are different from MAL. (e.g. decimal scoring)