NineSigma to Leviheichou

Ty for the follow 💓

HiImSora in Anna Nishikinomiya

gostosa kk

IsTethys in Black Clover

I thought it couldn’t get better. Now I owe someone $20 bucks.

IsTethys in Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld

I love it.

Waggysaggy in Kohane Hatoya

Cute AF 1010 would headpat.




Би энд юу ч бичиж болох юм уу?

Akyoto in question about Notifications

I hear you.

I fixed the blur on episodes. Episodes used to be available (not blurry) when an episode was uploaded on Episodes now become available (not blurry) when the episode has fully aired on TV. Note: Without an airing date, the episode will always be shown as unavailable (blurry).

Airing notifications will take more time and I don’t give time estimates as they are highly unreliable. If people want features faster, donating is the most effective method because it allows me and potentially other contributors to dedicate more time to the project.

ASSASSINO in question about Notifications

when will the notifications get re enabled again ? is there a certain date ? also please make sure to update the number of aired Episodes of animes cuz im using this site to track anime progress so i can watch when it finish airing some of the aired Eps remains blurred

thx in advance and i love your site guys , keep it up

Abraham in Plunderer

Looks amazing

Mxriraj in Welcome to the forums!

oof oof oof

Akyoto in Searching for anime

This suggestion is now implemented in a slightly different variant.

Search results that you have not added to your anime list are now displayed without color.

Kenji_Shinobi_Moriyama in Blizzard's comment

I agree

HellsBlazer in Akyoto's comment

Ah, I see, thanks!

Akyoto in Eye Icon not appearing?

It is currently under investigation, please see this update.

There is no guarantee that integration will come back, we might have to switch to a slightly different system that is more independent.

HellsBlazer in Eye Icon not appearing?

Usually, the eye icon appears when a show that I’m watching puts up a new episode and I haven’t seen it yet, but the icon hasn’t been appearing recently. Is this a bug?

Akyoto in [2019-11-18] Update
  • Fixed browser extension login for modern versions of Chrome
  • If you had trouble with the login on the extension, try to logout and login again
  • If it still fails, try to delete all your cookies for this site and login again
Akyoto in Anime episode tracker

A replacement notification system is in the works, but as always I can’t give an ETA.

It will show the eye icon or some other visual indicator.

Spyros in Anime episode tracker

I would like to suggest something, if twist is going to be stopped as a link service, the eye or another icon can be used to show that a new episode is out and not disappear unless you select it as watched. That way you can check what you have seen and what remains to be watched. That might go hand in hand with notifications.

Akyoto in [2019-11-11] Update
  • Fixed connectivity problems with Anilist, Kitsu and MAL (list import working again)
  • Added numbers to status tabs showing how many list items you have
  • Anime with an incomplete date are now correctly shown on the explore page (added by Scott)
  • Disabled integration (no based notifications, no eye icon link)
  • Editing: Editors can add anime from scratch
  • Editing: Added a check list for missing Kitsu mappings
  • Editing: Fixed the “Missing anime characters” check list
  • Editing: Fixed anime deletion
  • Editing: Fixed episode deletion
  • Performance: Improved SVG icon caching
  • Development: Database can now be easily installed via “make db”
  • Development: Episodes are now individual objects with their own ID
  • Development: Crashes on the server side are now tracked in the database
Spyros in HellsBlazer's comment

HellsBlazer in No Notifications

I’m having a similar issue - the “eye” icon next to my anime isn’t appearing

Potatosensei in Akyoto's comment

Ok thank you.

Ikat in Spyros's comment

Heya! Fixed the name. Thanks for letting us know ^w^!

Spyros in Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan: Kanketsu-hen

Hey guys, an update on the name, it is not called season 3, its Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan: Kanketsu-hen

Akyoto in Random Anime Picker

What we can do is a “random anime” page that always shows a different anime on refresh. Would that suffice?

Deterio in Random Anime Picker

You can always contact the developer, his e-mail is:

Deterio in New, Unlisted Anime?

Feel free to contact any of the editors, we’re also all in the Discord server, so you can always drop a message there too.

Ikat in New, Unlisted Anime?

Hiya! All Editor’s can add missing Anime manually. I’ve gone ahead and added Ishuzoku Reviewers - so you should be able to add it to your list now!

Please feel free to comment on my profile or message me on Discord (Ikat#0001) in the future if there’s any missing content that you would like added to the site (^w^).


BasicallyWiz in New, Unlisted Anime?

So I just heard about an anime release from a manga I’ve read before, and I wan’t to add it to my queue, but I can’t find it on the list. What do I do about unlisted anime? The anime I’m looking for, is called “Interspecies Reviewers”, or “Ishuzoku Rebyuāzu”. If someone could tell me if it’s possible to list unlisted anime, or guide me to that specific one’s page, please don’t be shy to help me out.

Akyoto based anime episode notifications have been disabled for the time being. That includes the eye icon which linked to the website. Whether this is just a temporary issue remains to be seen.

Akyoto in Potatosensei's comment

I’ll look at it as soon as possible.

Deterio in Little idea

Can you give more info? What would the HoF show?

Deterio in J-pop

Urban Cohesion - 打上花火 (Uchiage Hanabi) | Africa version Thumbnail

Potatosensei in No Notifications

Still not getting them :( Hope it gets fixed.


Thank you to these truly amazing people who are helping out with the funding of this project!

Moepoi in ASSASSINO's comment

Done :)

ASSASSINO in Psycho-Pass 3

started airing ^^

ASSASSINO in Chihayafuru 3

Started airing , update pls

ASSASSINO in No Notifications

same m8 i don’t get notifications when new Eps of series i’m following are out anyway it doesn’t bother me much xD