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what in the name of the fuck ?

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well that’s good to hear ヾ(•ω•`)

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I,m gr8

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well anyways i am good and you

Yuri to Saadasif

✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

Yuri to Saadasif

Hi ,.

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My friend yah i am enjoing anime notifier

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We hope you enjoy using

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Thanks for saying me

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welcome my friend in our community

LazySano in Gleipnir

It was good, but it could have been better than this, especially when I watch the first episodes I feel that I am kinda watching as I’m approaching alone as perverted scenes but with the latest episodes the focus has become more on the things that happen with the story, I read the manga a while ago and the anime was good at the level What is required from the manga, of course, I do not hide from you. I fell in love with the op and the ending song, even though the ending song was better than the op song. Drawing and animation was fine even though I first heard about this studio Story : 10 Overall: 10 Visuals: 10 Soundtrack: 10

Evilisian in Isekai Quartet


Evilisian in Tatara

c kids this how u make a good character

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yo bro

Evilisian in Blend S

i like ur test comment ._.


It may be a little forward but can you tell me your favourite anime genre? Mine is Thriller and Action!



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Ohayou gozaimasu

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it,s cool😎


Sorry for the little downtime, site should be up again.

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Yah you are good recording a video from YouTube. ㆁωㆁ🙄

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Btw I deleted my new account he is my old one.

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I’m recording a video for YouTube so I’m good.

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Hey How are u


I really hate watching movies for no reason. Please help-

Starlight to Kyuutakun


Evilisian in JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze

(o-0) there is more

Yuri to Yamiuki


Shiyanora in Hisoka Morow

I might reveal a strange taste by saying this. But he’s definitely my fav character of this show. 😅

Shiyanora in Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Finally watched this ‘classic’. I was surprised this show got me hooked pretty early on and I think until ep 75 it only got better with every episode. Really loved it! Then, in comparison to the first half, the second half’s story was pretty bad. It was like ‘We need a reason why that happens. Ah okay, then we just give the already overpowered character one more power’. I’m not sure if I would have dropped or skipped that arc if it were not for some cool new characters. Also, in my opinion the end is semi-satisfying in many aspects but of course that is a matter of taste.

So I would give the first half a really high score and the second half a considerably smaller one. Would be interested to know if someone has a different/opposing opinion, though.


hi there you 2

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Hi there

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SanyamGarg to Plus_ultra


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Hey I like Yuri on Ice that s coooool and awesome

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Hi I was in Saudia Arabia Now iam in Pakistan and i like anime wow.

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Watashi wa genkidesu.

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ogenki desu