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I’m a picky person, i love one in three anime that i watch, even though this one is popular, i would be able to dislike it at all. I’m not the type who likes an anime because it’s popular but because it has personality, not like the majorities that people like on this site or anywhere else, although there are some that are popular and that i really like, because : they have a personality. I live in Belgium and the animes that i have seen/read are not popular where/and is unfamiliar to us compared to US and other countries so i am proud to know these anime/manga.

For me, people who do not think outside the box, do not deserve to proclaim themselves fans of anime, nor even otaku (that word sucks i think), even i cannot proclaim myself that way because i have no not seen enough anime to say that i know the animation world, there is still so much to discover.

I’m not very social and anyway i’m not here for that, it’s just to have a follow-up of what i watch and to discover other animes.

830 anime
Mar 2021


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